House Concert

House concert/book signing – an evening with friends

If you want to enjoy an evening of acoustic blues in your living room with a few friends, we can make it happen. The concert is a fascinating narrative based on my book "When Patterns Are Broken, New Worlds Emerge". It is a walk through the history of the Mississippi Delta an the Deep South, illustrated with live music—the music that changed the world! If you want to know where spirituals, work songs, hymns, folk, blues, jazz and rock originated, this house concert will give you all the answers while entertaining you and your guests at the same time.

Practical Information

  • This is a full evening house concert consisting of two 45-min sets.
  • This concert is ideal for small groups in an intimate setting, but also works perfectly for a larger audience. I can provide a P.A. system, if needed.
  • My new book "When Patterns Are Broken, New Worlds Emerge" will be available at the concert, and I will be happy to have a book signing for your guests.


  • Option 1 - $150: I play a house concert/book signing at your house and have the new book available for your guests to purchase at $20 each.
  • Option 2 - $300: I play a House concert/book signing at your house and you will have 10 free books available to give to your guests. Additional books can be purchased by the guests at $20 each.
  • Option 3 - If the above options do not suit you, I will be happy to make you a tailor-made quote.
  • Note: travel expenses may be additional if the location is more than 50 miles from Natchez, Mississippi. 

For more information and bookings, please contact me

(601) 571-7243